Is legit? I got scammed. Updated story. Should you get into the craze of Bitcoin? How about those Bitcoin, huh? (youtube video included)

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So, I wanted give you guys a little more detail about the scammer, and a little bit of update about what is going. You don’t think that they will just happy walking away with my $1600, right? She (I assumed it’s a she, but it’s a fake profile, so who knows? I could be talking to a hairy, 4 feet 10 inches midget who has a Facebook profile under the name Clara J Woodard. Pretty picture, showing off the mining machine set up, picture perfect lady, gorgeous. Of course I was thinking about her when I was talking to her via Messenger. Hey, I am only human, don’t judge me, O.K? After awhile we switch to WhatsApp and communicated thru there. For whatever reason, people like WhatsApp better, maybe you guys can tell me the reasons. And all the chat we had on Messenger will deleted, at least her part was all disappeared. Again, I don’t know why, you go ahead and tell me already. And after a little while, she had to change her phone number connected with the WhatsApp, and she was kind enough to tell me that, because, you guess it. They are still waiting for me to “upgrade” my plan, the $1100 they haven’t get yet. Here come the juicy ending, she came calling again yesterday, saying that “she” was willing to put up half of the “transaction fee”, so that I could withdraw my “profit”. Wow, just wow, how dumb they think I am. Well, pretty dumb, I did get scammed. Anyway, that might not be the end of it, who knows. I will definitely keep you guys undated if anything comes up. And just as I began tried to write this blog, I think another allege scammer might be onto me (thru Facebook, again). Let’s wait and see how this one goes, you just have to wait and see. Cheers!

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