I practices these 15 attitude buster daily. And I would strongly recommend you to do the same.(psst, its for you own good!)

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  1. ✔✔✔ Taking a walk
  2. Talking to a child
  3. 😆😊 Looking for anything funny
  4. Looking for anything motivational ‼
  5. Viewing “material” things as “replaceable”
  6. Fill your mind with Inspirational thoughts 👍🔥🚀
  7. Thinking positively about oneself
  8. Perform random acts of Kindness 👌
  9. Practice personal meditation daily
  10. Being around successful people
  11. Killing people with kindness💖
  12. Always helping others without expectation
  13. Love and learn about most things educational
  14. Celebrate small daily successes (👏Small wins matter ✨)
  15. Incorporate something you are passionate about into your daily life. 😍😘😊😆

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Be better than yesterday, financially, personally and professionally

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source: Jeffrey Gitmer’s — Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude

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