17 Killer Strategies For Never Giving Up

By Joel Runyon Most things aren’t impossible, most people just give up too soon. The number one reason people don’t get what they want is because they give up too soon. That’s a true stat that I just made up, but I would venture to guess it’s not far off. You’ve probably given up onContinue reading “17 Killer Strategies For Never Giving Up”


By BRIAN COLVERT The list of personal finance and investing books is pretty extensive. This is not that list. While those books can be helpful, many get very technical, and if your mindset isn’t in the right place to take in that knowledge – what is the point?  Plus, technical knowledge alone won’t lead youContinue reading “10 BOOKS FOR A BETTER MONEY MINDSET”

5 Simple Steps You Can Take To Change Your Money Mindset

by Mary Beth Storjohann Change and control go hand in hand. Some changes fall easily into your scope of control, whereas others remain just outside it. You can’t control the weather no matter how much you wish that sunny January morning was actually sparkling snow. But there are other times when it doesn’t feel like you haveContinue reading “5 Simple Steps You Can Take To Change Your Money Mindset”

12 Tips for Making Better Decisions

Written by: Abdelmalek El Fanne How you can make better decisions in your life? The decisions we make play a vital role in our lives. In many ways, they shape our future. Yet, most people aren’t really conscious of just how impactful many of their decisions actually are. They go through life without paying much attentionContinue reading “12 Tips for Making Better Decisions”

How To Bounce Back From Failure: 10 Habits That Sabotage Your Success

Are you so afraid of failing that you’re willing to avoid any possibility of defeat? If so, you have already failed. Failure and success are flipsides of the same coin—twins, not enemies.

What Is Grit and How to Develop It for a Successful Life

Written By: Ashley Elizabeth Have you ever met someone who thrives through adversity, and who transforms their pain into opportunities for growth? In her book, Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, Angela Duckworth describes these types of people as possessing grit. From her research, she has found that grit is what separates those who areContinue reading “What Is Grit and How to Develop It for a Successful Life”

22 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Be More Patient

The Benefits Of Patience
Patience is a virtue, but what does that mean exactly?

14 Steps to Develop a Winning Attitude

Attitude. It’s a common word. I love its mystique. It should be an all-the-time thing, but people who think they have a good one often slip at the first hint of trouble. The others, who maintain a good one with regularity, are likely getting help from attitude’s brethren of the faith variety. All will alwaysContinue reading “14 Steps to Develop a Winning Attitude”

My Personal 10 Secrets To Achieve Success In Life. (And No.4 is my absolute Favor!)

Check out our exclusive, own shop for mugs, t-shirts, and many more unique gifts that will motivate, inspire, and reward you Your mentality is everything: Never think failure. Think success. Stay away from a negative environment. Focus your time and money: Stay focused on your goals and don’t let anything or anyone else distract you.Continue reading “My Personal 10 Secrets To Achieve Success In Life. (And No.4 is my absolute Favor!)”

Learn the secret of success. Find out why billionaires don’t read self help and you absolutely shouldn’t either.

👍My Doctor Couldn’t Believe How Much This Japanese Tonic Helped My Health 💥🔥Flare lets you make money WITHOUT selling Hello there,Do you know you’ve been deceived?If you’ve spent your hundreds of dollars into “Law of Attraction” seminars, books or DVD…And have yet to manifest your dreams into existence…There’s a reason for that.==> [The ‘counterintuitive’ secretContinue reading “Learn the secret of success. Find out why billionaires don’t read self help and you absolutely shouldn’t either.”